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Cranberry Glass By Tony Shaman

What can you give the person that has everything? The answer is not as difficult as you might think. If the individual on your gift list is a collector of antiques, or even recent-vintage items, the answer is even simpler: cranberry glass. In England, and in Europe generally, the delicate, pink-hued glass still goes by its original name, ruby glass. That older name, incidentally, aptly describes a product that also makes an ideal gift for couples celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Conversely, in North America ruby has given way to 'cranberry,' a term that more closely describes the glass's delicate, pink colour. There are several explanations why the term 'cranberry' was adopted on this side of the Atlantic.
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Remembering Radio of Yesteryear By Ian Anthony Edward Samuel Rogers was born to Albert and Mary Rogers on June 21, 1900. That first day of summer for the new century brought a healthy new son into a prominent family who can trace its roots in Canada back to the Loyalist Quaker pioneer Timothy Rogers who founded the town of Newmarket, Ontario out of uninhabited forest in April 1801. Samuel Rogers, a great-grandson of Timothy and the grandfather of Edward, was one of the first in the family to reside in Toronto. He was an astute businessman in the fuel industry who created a company which eventually became the Toronto arm of Imperial Oil -- and also co-founded the Hospital for Sick Children on College Street along the way. Read more...
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Waterworks James Trautman
Saturday was the best day when I was a kid in Elizabeth, New jersey. No school, and the weekly bus trip up town. The routine was to have a turkey lunch at the Woolworth 5 & 10. I can still see myself sitting at the counter rushing through the meal, so that I could run to the toy area. I can still picture the wooden counter with bins full of soldiers, cars, boats, kites, yo-yo's and water guns. In the mid-'50s this was the place to be. Each week a new supply of plastic water guns arrived. read more about Waterworks on Antique67.com, ' Your Antiques Canada Connection '.
Tables Past and Present By Marni Andrews

The next time you pound on a table to make your point or are told to take your elbows off a table for the sake of good manners, pause for a moment to respectfully consider that table. It may be constructed of the latest modern plastic or it could be a fine heritage piece crafted two centuries ago. Either way, the table we take for granted is as necessary a piece of furniture as any you will find. My mother would agree wholeheartedly with that. In her living room alone, she has eight tables.

It would be hard to imagine life without the table. We use it to eat, to entertain, to hold lamps and to display objects. Imagine the immense stacks of things that would surround us without the trusty table. It is not surprising, then, that its history dates back as far as anything that survives today.
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